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Sri Lanka, the tropical paradise island of gems, also known as Ceylon is blessed with the highest concentration of gems on Earth and has a well established traditional gem industry from the time immemorial.

Gem Tour
An expedition to this land like no other is a must have experience for anyone involved with gems, jewellery, rocks, lapidary, gemology, geology or mineralogy. Even if you are not involved with gems and jewellery but know how to admire the rarest and fascinating objects formed millions of years ago and would like to enjoy a new experience, then the Gem tour is for you.


Learn about Gems

International Gemological Academy” was established in this paradise island of gems to conduct Gemological education, Training, Consultancy & Research in the Gem & Jewelry industry.
 Diploma in Gemology, Certificate in Gemology , Foundation Gemology course, Kids’ Gem time and the staff training courses are conducted at the IGA centre in Colombo , the commercial capital of Sri Lanka.


Founder of GemExpeditions and the International Gemological Academy

Hirosha Yahampath is a professional Gemologist and a third generation link in the gem industry. With his life-time exposure to the gem industry & many years of experience in Gemological consultancy, Hirosha launched Gem Expeditions and the International Gemological Academy to take you on a journey through the fascinating world of gemstones.
He is a Fellow of the Gemological Association of Great Britain. He has done studies in Tourism & Hospitality marketing  and  International Trade .He was the Secretary of the Gemmologists Association of Sri Lanka , Former Secretary of the Association of Small & Medium Enterprises of Tourism in Sri Lanka  and the Former Asst.Secretary of the Organization of Professional Associations of Sri Lanka. Hirosha Yahampath is the Author of the First Gemology book in Sri Lanka.(titled; Menik Vidyawa).

The Gemstones of Sri Lanka includes Corundum (Sapphire, Padparadscha, Star Sapphire / Star Ruby, Yellow, Pink & White Sapphires and Geuda), Alexandrite, Cat's eyes, Chrysoberyl, Aquamarine, Quartz, Amethyst, Garnet (Pyrope, Almandine, Spessartine & Hessonite), Spinel, Topaz, Tourmaline, Zircon and Moonstone.

Not only them but rare collector's stones such as Sinhalite, Taaffeite, Ekanite, Andalusite, Iolite, Sapphirine, Diopside, Enstatite, Kornerupine, Sphene, Apatite, Fluorite, Scapolite, Danburite, Fibrolite, Phenakite, Scheelite, Axinite, Dumortierite, Kyanite, Musgravite and Serendibite are found in this treasure chest.

International Gemological Academy
3A, Darmaraja Mawatha,Colombo 03.